- The Cuddrireddra is a typical cake of Delia (CL) with a round shape like a crown. It is prepared with simple ingredients like flour of wheat, eggs, wine, sugar, cinnamon, rind of orange and then fried in optimal oil of olive of local production. The housewives with their experiences and instruments make the rest with their hands. The sweet-smelling and fragrant “Cuddrireddri” represent the typical cake of the festivity of Carnival, thanks to the talents of the peasant civilization who created savoury courses with simple ingredients and much fantasy. It has been describe many time over that the round shape of the Cuddrireddri was born as homage to the chatelaines that lived in the medieval fortresses, which dominated the city of Delia during the war of the Sicilian Vespri.


Gli ingredienti


- Flour of wheat;

- Eggs;

- Red wine;

- Sugar;

- Cinnamon;

- Rind of orange;

- Lard;

- Cooked with oil of



La lavorazione

Work the dough


Forma e frittura

Shape and fry




After entering into the “Ark of Taste” the Cuddrireddra of Delia captures another important goal: it becomes “Slow Food Presidium”. It is a great plan for the promotion and valorisation of typical agro alimentary products that the Foundation Slow Food for the biodiversity has been realizing for approximately three years in all Italy and since last year, all over the world.

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