The Alaimo & Strazzeri like the “Cuddrireddra” was born in Delia (CL).
The name “Delia” derives from Arabic origin, pronounced “Daliyah” meaning vineyard. Delia, a small city of approximately 4700 inhabitants, it is situated in the heart of Sicily close to the well-known Caltanissetta, its province. It rises on the slope of one of the necks that constitute the surrounding landscape. Like everywhere in Sicily, Delia’s land has blooming vegetation, intense colours and strong smells. You can mainly find almonds, olives and vineyards. Delia’s communitarian life is made of daily and friendly relationship between people. The mild climate and the good mix of the different characteristics of its inhabitants, transforms the city’s roads into meeting places. Delia’s past is noted in its traditions and its folklore, which is always reason for numerous moments of animation for the city’s life. The inhabitants live on agriculture, craftsmanship and commerce.
In order to know more about Delia visit the homepage Comune di Delia.






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