Alaimo & Strazzeri s.n.c. is a Sicilian business located in Delia (CL). It specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of specialty Sicilian products. The realization of our products, follow old methods adopted from the peasant civilization. Today, the products in the Alaimo & Strazzeri’s workroom are still being produced as they were in the past, that’s why our cakes maintain their original flavours and aromas. We have faithfully reproduced each ancient phase in the manufacturing of our products, from the choice of using simple and genuine ingredients to that of the instruments being used that have been handed down from generations, to the skilful way the paste is worked. Our products are believed to be Slow Food and have been chosen and proposed as Slow Food Presidium Product. As a result, the “Cuddrireddra” a round cake, resembling a crown, has been included among all those products with a strong radication in the territory in which they originated and therefore unique and distinctive and representing the local culture.



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